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Tuesday, October 07, 2008 / Bloggified by Jake /

Finally, I can make it official. I wasn't sure when I could finally break the seal on this, but today I got a Google news alert telling me the deal was official. Kind of a strange way to find out, but a relief that I can finally talk about it. So, straight from the Publishers' Marketplace recent bookdeals:

"Jake Bell's I THINK MY TEACHER IS A SUPERHERO, about a boy who suspects his history teacher has a secret identity, to Senior Editor AnnMarie Harris at Scholastic, in a four-book deal, by Rachel Orr at Prospect Agency (World)."

So there you go. Scholastic is the big name publisher that I was sure you'd heard of but couldn't officially name. The other publisher who made an offer, if you're still curious was Simon & Schuster. We took about a week to weigh both offers, make counteroffers, and ultimately it was AnnMarie's enthusiasm for the series that proved the tipping point. I'm really looking forward to working with her.

Unfortunately, as I am learning, the publishing industry as a whole moves at a glacial pace. Though we have an agreement, my agent is still negotiating the contract for all the little things like what percentage I will get of the books on CD sales or if an excerpt gets published in a magazine. Once those numbers are figured out, the contract still has to go be written up by the legal department, then mailed to me to sign... yawn... Anyway, my agent told me to expect at least four to six weeks before things are finalized (read: before I see a penny of my advance).

Fortunately, while the pace for getting to publication is slow, once we get started things should move fast. The series will come out starting with the first two books in the summer of 2010. The third is slated for October 2010 and the fourth the following spring. So that gives you all four books within one school year, rapid fire!

Anyway, I should have a metric ton of rewrites dropping on my desk in the next week or so. Stick around.

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