Ten Years Ago...

Thursday, December 31, 2009 / Bloggified by Jake /

I spent New Years' Eve 1999 in my apartment in Yuma. I was a sportscaster at KYMA, the NBC affiliate there. I'm not sure how I managed to get the night off. I know I had to work the next night and every other holiday during my entire stint of employment.

The more I watch these videos, the more I notice that my cadence always sounds like a hungry tiger is being held loosely by a leash about five feet away. That's due to the fact that every piece of equipment in that place was handed down from Las Vegas to Reno to us and was all operated by high school kids making minimum wage. In short, something was going to go wrong every minute or so, whether it was a tape rolling a second or two late (as happens above) or the wrong tape rolling or the tape machine mangling the tape completely or someone in the control room swearing so loud that it comes through on a microphone and goes out over the air to the masses.

My cousin and I celebrated New Year's at midnight in the Mountain Time Zone in Yuma, then drove to Winterhaven, California two miles away about 45 minutes later to celebrate again.

Four months later, I made my first serious attempt at writing a novel (based on my experiences in television news--it's still on my hard drive!); eight months later, I'd get fired; nine months later, I'd get hired by WJHG in Panama City Beach; and two years later, I quit and vowed I would steal before I resorted to taking another job in TV.

Five months after that... I took a job writing for "Good Morning, Arizona" at KTVK and hated my life about as much as I ever possibly could.

Biggest accomplishment of the past ten years: Selling my first novel and completing two others, all three of which will be out in 2010. There's a part of me that's kind of happy that SECRET IDENTITY CRISIS doesn't come out until next year so I can jut bury the '00s and forget they ever happened.

Biggest mistakes of the past ten years: Getting an MBA that I've never used, have no desire to ever use, and will be paying for for the rest of my life.

10 years from now: My daughter will be 17 and my son will be almost 15? I'll probably have had a heart attack by then.


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Comment by De on 1/2/10, 10:21 AM

I always imagined your voice having a little more gravel to it.

Comment by Jake on 1/2/10, 10:55 AM

Yeah, I imagine that, too.

Comment by James Ray on 5/30/11, 5:59 PM

I imagine that everything is made out of cotton candy.

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