Arrow Forms Going Out

Monday, January 18, 2010 / Bloggified by Jake /

These finally arrived at my kids' school... but for some reason didn't get sent home yet.I only know they got them because a teacher pulled my daughter out of class to show her the forms. My daughter then used the five dollars I'd given her to go to the book fair to order herself a copy... despite the fact she already owns a copy and I have a box of 15-20 more advance copies sitting in the corner of my office.

Maybe they didn't send them home because of something to do with parent-teacher conferences and the three half-days last week? I don't know. I got these from my editor.

The good news is that kids should be bringing them home this week. Remember, it's the Arrow form.So if your class is getting another form like Seesaw or Lucky, ask the teacher to go steal an Arrow from the fifth graders down the hall! They have more than they know what to do with anyway!

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