Pirate Heart Ninja, Pages 1 & 2

Monday, March 29, 2010 / Bloggified by Jake Bell /

Today was the deadline for all the Pirate Heart Ninja stories. I've noticed that other guys, especially the ones in charge of this thing, are referring to it as "a top secret project" or "something I really wish I could tell you guys about" on their blogs and Twitters, so... maybe pretend like you didn't see this, okay?

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A few things you'll notice:

1. Joe's art is awesome throughout. I've been looking at his stuff for years and it's really amazing to see the improvement from his old WMU comics in the ASU newspaper to this while still being able to recognize his style throughout.

2. Hey, did you notice those captions are a haiku? That's how ninjas talk, ya know. On the last page, there's a caption where the dialog is kind of forced, but that's the struggle of being a ninja I guess.

3. Since the main pirate boy didn't look quite piratey enough, Joe gave him some piratey-er looking friends. Those are me and Joe.

This story will be part of an anthology that will debut at Phoenix Comic Con featuring lots of local Arizona talent, including Jim Hanna, Thomas Healy, Jeff Pina, Terry Tibke, and my favorite Jack Lemmon movie, Glen Garry Ben Glendenning.

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