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Monday, May 17, 2010 / Bloggified by Jake Bell /

Just a reminder that in a little over a week, Pirate (heart) Ninja, an anthology of stories about ninjas and pirates falling in love, will be for sale exclusively at Phoenix Comic Con... at least for the weekend. After that, you can buy it online or at Atomic Comics locations.

If you're attending Phoenix Comic Con, though, there's a bonus feature. When you pick up your comic at the Fiction House Mafia booth, you'll be given a treasure map showing where all the creators' booths are around the con floor. Take your copy and get it autographed by all the creators and you'll get a jam poster featuring artwork from all the creators (though my tracing of Jim Lee's Cyclops and Rogue as a pirate and ninja was sadly left off... politics...)

Here's a sneak peak of 12.5% of the artwork, Joe's pin up of Hoshiko, Revoltin' Tom, and the disapproving father.

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