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Over the summer, Shannon Denton approached me about writing something for his Actionopolis line of books. Shannon is a former Wildstorm editor and animator who's worked on shows like Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, and Spider-Man. And he's collaborated with just about anyone you can name in the comic industry at one point or another--including several times with one of my idols, Keith Giffen--so when he suggested we should work together on a project, I was jazzed.

So jazzed, in fact, that I used the word "jazzed" to describe my feelings despite never really using that word in real world conversations.

The project he had in mind was called Megamatrix. It was a plot he'd come up with along with Phil Hester and Jon S. Lewis about a kid named Fletcher who lives in a world where the supervillains have won and there are no superheroes. Then one night, Fletcher finds a cache of superpower a band of heroes left hidden.

And today, Megamatrix: Hero Within went on sale.It was great getting to work with three guys who each have different backgrounds and merging the ideas and suggestions of everyone together. There should be more Megamatrix books down the line, and--I don't want to jinx anything--Shannon is pushing it to some animation studios, so there should be more to come.

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Comment by Jason on 11/19/10, 6:46 PM

Nice, just downloaded it and will try to dig into it over the weekend.

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