My Secret iPod Shame

Wednesday, February 02, 2011 / Bloggified by Jake Bell /

I was listening to my iPod while driving home from dinner with my buddy, Ryno, earlier and had it create a Genius playlist for me. After a few good songs from my college days, it kicked out "The Tide is High" by Blondie and followed that with "Genie in a Bottle" and "California Gurlz." It was like the iPod was taunting me. How does a Genius playlist based on Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train" include a bubblegum pop song by an Irish Spice Girls-knockoff band that was one-hit shy of being a one-hit wonder?

I believe the iPod wanted to rub my face in some of the terrible music I enjoy. "Oh, you want to reminisce about the good old days when you were a moody, grungy artiste that no one understood? Here, ya jerk, enjoy some Coolio!"

This prompted me to go through my music list on the iPod and identify the songs I am most embarrassed to admit I sing along with whenever they come one.

1. Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilara

2. The Final Countdown - Europe

3. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Nikki French

I actually have three versions of this song on my iPod. This house music version, the original by Bonnie Tyler, and another by The Dan Band. This one is clearly most embarrassing.

4. Mr. Boombastic - Shaggy

5. C'est La Vie - B*Witched

The only reason I know this song exists is that an intern from the radio station I worked at in 1999 brought in the CD and was playing it and doing a little dance she and some kids she babysat had made up. She was really cute and 12 years later I can still see that dance in my mind, so the song stays!

6. Can't Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon
This song always reminds me of the time I was driving Tone Rodriguez to his hotel and it came on the iPod. He accused me of trying to put the moves on him.

7. 1, 2, 3, 4, Get Your Woman on the Floor - Coolio

8. Mmmbop - Hanson

Say what you want. This would have been a great song if it had been made by a band of 20-somethings. The fact it was done by three teenagers makes it even more impressive.

9. Oh Sherrie - Steve Perry

10 & 11. Light My Candle & I Should Tell You - Rent Original Cast Recording

I have more Broadway showtunes on my iPod than I'd like to admit, but few make me hate myself for listening to them than Rent. I hate the show, and Roger's parts on "I Should Tell You" make me want to hit something... yet I always sing along--with an angry grimace on my face.

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