Mom's Car: Movie Star

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 / Bloggified by Jake Bell /

About a year ago, the Phoenix news gave daily updates about a Will Ferrell movie that was shooting in town. Since the roads they blocked off for it never seemed to affect traffic where I was driving, I thought nothing of it.

Shortly after shooting wrapped, my mother was in a car accident. Another driver rear ended her and totaled her car. When she got her insurance settlement, she went shopping for another Subaru. She picked out a green Forester and got a smoking deal on it.

Even though it was a new car, it couldn't be sold as "new" because it had been driven for about 200 miles. She was given some paperwork explaining that the dealership had lent some cars to the Will Ferrell movie and that my mom's car appeared on camera. We filed away that we'd have to keep an eye out for it, but when The Other Guys came and went and was set in New York and Will Ferrell drove a Prius, I forgot all about it.

This morning, my mom noticed that a new Will Ferrell movie is coming out tomorrow. She looked it up and realized it was the one her car was in. She mentioned it to some people at work and told her assistant to download the trailer.

"Why? It's not like your car is going to be in the trailer," Cecilia, her assistant, said.

At 47 seconds, my mom's car is in the trailer. In case you blinked and missed it:


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