Phoenix Comicon 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011 / Bloggified by Jake Bell /

Four days of the Phoenix Comicon have left me exhausted and without much commentary to add. You wouldn't think sitting on a folding chair for 10 hours a day would take such a toll. However, if a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a 21,000 word recap.

The highlight of the convention came on Friday afternoon when I saw something purple and white pass by the table out of the corner of my eye. I laughingly thought, "Huh, that looked like Ultraviolet."The costume was a joint effort by my mom and my kids' mom, who spent Friday through Sunday alternating between hanging out in costume at the booth and wandering the floor having her picture taken with a copy of SECRET IDENTITY CRISIS in hand.
The next big moment was when Brook Lopez of the New Jersey Nets came by with his brother, Robin of the Phoenix Suns, to have Chris draw a Kid Flash for him.Unfortunately, things were very slow despite the huge turnout. But I found a way to entertain myself.

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Comment by James Ray on 5/30/11, 6:05 PM

Was that the Jedi Master reading one of your comics Jake? No way!

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