S.A.S. Quatch

Monday, July 04, 2011 / Bloggified by Jake Bell /

It's been about a year or so since Joe Bowen and I put together our pitch for this story, and I feel selfish for keeping this artwork all to myself.Major Liam Quatch just might be the Special Air Service’s best soldier, but you don’t get to the top without drawing the attention of some enemies... especially when you’re a Bigfoot.This proposed three-issue series tells the story of Quatch as he returns from the front lines in Afghanistan only to find himself framed for the murder of a soon-to-be-appointed Deputy Minister of Defence in London. Quatch has no choice but to clear his name the only way he knows how... with over the top action sequences!
But as Quatch learns more about the plot against him, he finds himself deep in mystery... and deep in Loch Ness.

Come on! Tell me you don't want to read that!

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