The Frustration of Webcomics

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 / Bloggified by Jake Bell /

Almost a year and a half ago, Joe Bowen contacted me about writing Model Student. Both of us had surrendered to our "day jobs" and weren't producing anything creative. Joe and some friends from the Kubert School were doing a sketch blog that had him drawing one picture every week or so, but he wasn't consistently putting out material. By that same token, I was writing a blog post every now and again and pecking away at four different writing projects and not making much headway on any of them. After waking up at four in the morning and going to work for twelve hours five or six days a week, I had no energy to switch gears and knock out a few chapters of a book.

Joe suggested picking up his failed Zuda project--no offense intended since Zuda itself turned out to be a failed project--from a few years earlier about a good kid with a bad temper who can't risk getting expelled from school again. When I first read his Zuda pitch for Model Student, I loved it. He handed over the concept to me and asked if I would write him a page a week to draw.

Unfortunately, at a rate of one page a week, we'd barely be putting out two issues a year even if we weren't taking breaks for holidays and conventions and website glitches. We're currently about two-thirds of the way through the second issue of the book, but I've written through the third and have plotted into the sixth. It's frustrating because at this rate, what happens in April of 2014 is gonna blow your socks off! But until someone is willing to pay Joe enough to draw Model Student that he can do it full time, we're stuck plodding along at just one update a week.

Although I may have another solution to more frequent updates.

Given how happy I am with Model Student, I've decided to take two other story ideas I've had in the vaults for several years and turn them into webcomics. I won't announce anything official yet, but I will say I'm working with Emi Yonemura Brown and Joe Ruff. Look for more details after Phoenix Comicon, as well as news about a new book from Actionopolis, and stare at this character sketch from Joe.

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