Author Biography

Saturday, July 31, 2010 / /

Jake Bell first declared his intention to become an author when he was seven years old— in a letter to Johnny Carson for reasons that somehow made sense to Jake at the time. His mother offered him one piece of advice in pursuing his dream: “Make sure you get a good day job.” In the years that followed, Jake found work as a TV sports anchor, a radio disc jockey, a stagehand, a movie studio intern, a file clerk at a law office, a bagel baker, a stockboy in a woman’s clothing store, a marketing consultant, a magician, a cameraman, and an amusement park bathroom cleaner.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t getting much writing done. So, during a stint of unemployment, he sat down and wrote SECRET IDENTITY CRISIS.

Jake lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his two kids, from whom he regularly poaches idea for his books.